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Unleashing Joy: Gracie's Gifts Treat Giving Program

In May 2018, our lives were forever changed when we adopted Gracie from Saving Grace, a rescue that holds a special place in our hearts. Gracie's name, inspired by both her adoption story and our family, became Gracie Mae. Although our initial visit was intended for another dog, Gracie's charm captured our hearts, leading to her becoming an integral part of our family.

Today, in honor of Gracie Mae and her journey, we are thrilled to introduce "Gracie's Gifts," a treat-giving program aimed at spreading joy to shelters, rescues, events, and even a domestic violence shelter that welcomes pets.

The Program Unveiled:

Up until now, Gracie's Gifts has quietly operated in the background, but we are excited to announce that the program is now taking center stage. Each month, we commit to donating treats to various organizations, sharing the heartwarming details, photos, and videos of our contributions with you.

How It Works:

  • Your Regular Treat Purchases: Continue buying treats as you normally would, with no additional expenses or charges.
  • Leftover Dough Contributions: Any remaining dough from orders is utilized to craft treats for our donations.
  • Nominate Your Choices: While we select the rescue or organization each month, we welcome recommendations from you! Feel free to nominate a local organization in advance, provided they are willing to accept treats and you cover shipping costs.
  • Monthly Updates: At the end of each month, we'll share details about the organizations we supported, the number of treat bags donated, and any heartwarming pictures or videos we've received.
  • Feel-Good Vibes: Experience the joy of contributing to the happiness of countless doggos as we collectively make a positive impact.

Your Simple Role:

That's it! Your continued support and treat purchases are the driving force behind this adventure. By participating in Gracie's Gifts, you are not just spoiling your furry friends but also extending your generosity to dogs in need. Join us on this heartwarming journey of giving back. Gracie's Gifts is more than a treat-giving program; it's a celebration of the love and joy that dogs like Gracie bring into our lives. Thank you for being a part of this adventure and for making a difference in the lives of countless furry friends. Together, let's continue to spread smiles, one treat at a time!