Where passion meets purpose in crafting delightful, all-natural treats for your beloved furry companions.

We are a veteran-owned and operated company dedicated to delivering top-quality peanut butter dog treats that prioritize both health and taste for our furry friends! Our commitment is evident in the creation of wholesome, all-natural options that are free from preservatives and additives. As a company founded on the values of a military background, we understand the significance of dogs as cherished family members, especially during overseas deployments. Fueled by our passion for canine well-being, we proudly offer homemade treats that meet the same high standards we uphold for our own dogs. Choose our treats for a delicious and nutritious reward that reflects our dedication to providing the best for your beloved pets.

meet the owner

Hello! I'm Jayson Miller

As the founder and head baker, I bring 20 years of dedicated service as a retired Veteran of the United States Army, having experienced the world and connected with extraordinary individuals.

Throughout my military journey, I observed the unwavering companionship of four-legged friends, reinforcing my deep love for dogs. With canines being a constant presence in my life, I've often found joy in spoiling them with extra treats. This genuine affection, coupled with a desire for happy and healthy dogs, inspired the creation of Miller's Healthy Dog Treats here in Acworth, Georgia.

Our treats are born from a commitment to providing a wholesome, natural indulgence not just for my dog but for yours as well. Join us in the celebration of canine happiness and well-being through the delectable offerings of Miller's Healthy Dog Treats – where the love for dogs translates into a tail-wagging delight for your furry friends.

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