The Pawsome Work of Gracie’s Gifts - Miller's Healthy Dog Treats

The Pawsome Work of Gracie’s Gifts

In honor of Labor Day, we extend our heartfelt recognition to the diligent canine companions who tirelessly support our service members. These incredible dogs, especially those pampered with treats, deserve double the appreciation for their unwavering dedication.

Gracie's Gifts Contribution:

Through Gracie's Gifts, our commitment to supporting dogs in need has reached new heights. The month of August witnessed remarkable achievements thanks to your purchases of Miller's Healthy Dog Treats. As a result, we were able to contribute a total of 15 bags of treats to two noteworthy organizations.

Supporting Pug Squad:

One recipient of our treats is the heartwarming Pug Squad, a non-profit organization that gathers pugs from the northeast annually for a delightful 4-day celebration of all things pugs. Their joyous response to our treats was overwhelming, and you can catch glimpses of their happy moments on their Facebook page: Pug Squad.

Support for Domestic Violence Shelters:

The second organization, whose identity remains anonymous because of the sensitive nature of its mission, is a domestic violence shelter that allows residents to bring their dogs. Your purchases enabled us to donate five bags of Miller's Healthy Dog Treats, bringing smiles not only to the dogs but also to their owners. We are thrilled to report that the treats were a hit, enhancing the happiness of both furry friends and their human companions.

Continued Gratitude:

A heartfelt thank you to all our patrons for your unwavering support of Miller's Healthy Dog Treats. Remember, by simply choosing our treats, you contribute to Gracie's Gifts and make a positive impact on the lives of dogs in various circumstances. Our commitment to using all-natural ingredients ensures guilt-free indulgence for your pets.

Celebrate Labor Day by acknowledging the exceptional efforts of service dogs, and join us in making a difference through Gracie's Gifts. Your purchases of Miller's Healthy Dog Treats continue to bring joy to countless furry friends, marking a paw-sitive impact on their lives. Treat your pets guilt-free, and let's together create a world where every dog feels loved and cherished.
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